A Childhood Memory

When I was little, my father would sit on the foot of my bed and read them to me every night, just like his father to him, and my grandfather's father to him. In fact, I now own the original copies of this series when my great-great-grandfather bought them. They have been read by father to oldest child for a few generations. Now I own the books, ready to read them to my children when the time comes.
  It has become more than a movie or a book series to me. From it, I can draw countless morals and lessons in everything from courage to faith and back to doing what is right. I have been able to use the series as a guide, a map to living life well.

So thank you, C.S.Lewis, for writing this fantastic series.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2012

I'm envious. I've been looking for a complete set of these books for so long and you have not only the books but the first edition of them! Your family has a really sweet tradition. :3<br />
I think i'm gonna start one myself. Haha.

It's actually pretty easy to find a set of the books around here, especially since the movies came out. But there's really nothing like a tradition, even if you have the newer versions. I really recommend a tradition. It's something that a kid cherishes for the rest of their life.