Aslan and Wardrobes

I remember reading it when very young, and then trying constantly each day to check the stability of the back of each wardrobe, particularly the dark wooden ones in the spare rooms that had come from my grandparents home.  I was convinced as there was a key and a lock on one, that this was the gateway to Narnia.

I loved the language of the series- and how C S Lewis made me feel as though he was sitting with me telling me the story- talking of the price of sweets when he was little, so many random little details coming alive before even the vivid picture of Narnia was created.

My love of Lewis as a writer has remained with me through life- Narnia's symbolism can be taken at any age and transferred to life but it is his later works that I enjoy also- The Screwtape Letters and his work on grief.

I remember Aslan, in the books and being mesmerised by the Snow Queen, seduced as a child by her beauty as of course, villans were not meant to be beautiful. 

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2 Responses Jul 18, 2008

I treid everything, the wardobe like in the lion and witch, rings like in the Magicians Nephew, Tube Stations as in Prince Caspian, Paintings as in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.<br />
Im still here :(

I remember wishing we had a wardrobe. I did knock on the back of a few closets, but nothing happened.