I Love the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

I think I was about ten when I first heard of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. I had to read it for a class assignment. It was such a magical book filled to the brim with excitement. I fell into the story, and felt the emotions of the characters so deeply, just like when I read Harry Potter.

A couple years ago, I was sent to a behavior modification center, and you have so much time on your hands there, that I found all the time in the world to read. I fell into the chronicles of Narnia, instead of just that book, and somehow lost my troubles in a world full of magical creatures and mystical adventures.

I love the chronicals of narnia!

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1 Response Jul 18, 2007

3 of the books deal specific with gospel stories, magician nephew, is Genisis, Lion Witch Wardrobe of course is The atonement, Last battle, last judgement. Voyage of dawn treader is about life. The silver chair and The Boy and his Horse I haven't figured out yet.