Am a Fan of the Books Not the Movie

The chronicles of Narnia series of books are my favorite books-- probably. They really emerse you into that world as they are written so well.  I wish I could be that creative.  I used to read them alot when I was younger.  I'm thinking of pulling them out again and rereading them.  I did not like the movie, though.  It doesn't even compare to the book.  I really hated the fight scene at the end of the movie.  I thought it was very poorly acted and put together.  It had no spirit to it.  It just went through the motions.  Now I don't hate the movie, but was really disappointed in it, as I had waited years for it to be made.


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I love the parallel CS Lewis draws with the life and death of Jesus.<br />
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I tooo have fond memories of reading this to my younger students ( I'm a teacher of some 35 years)<br />
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I would serial read it to coincide with the lead up to Easter and even the 8 year olds would cry as they saw the parallel