The Movie Did It!

Honestly, I did not know about the Chronicles of Narnia til the movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came out.  I loved that movie and I wanted to know the whole series then, especially since the book is always better.  Well my boyfriend got me the book that Christmas.  It was a great book!  I also don't usually read fantasy stories so I never would have known how good it is if that movie didn't come out.  I hope they make more movies for the rest of the series!
Valentine Valentine
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4 Responses Nov 10, 2007

Really? I never would have known that. That is very interesting. I will have to research that! I did see Prince Caspian and I loved it! :D

The Lion Witch Wardrobe parallels the life and death of Jesus. CS Lewis was a church minister and wanted way to teach the meaning of the attonement and resurrection of Christ. Prince Caspan is due out on DVD soon.<br />
there are 7 books in the series.....all short easy reads

Oh wow that is pretty cool! I was just thinking of that the other day when they were going to come out with another movie for Chronicles of Narnia. That is exciting! I also want to see I am Legend. I will be looking for that preview! The Golden Compass looks really good too. I didn't know it was from a book series. I would be interesting to read the books since they are usually better than the movie. We will have to see!

I knew about the chronicles although I've never read the series but did enjoy the movie. They are coming out with the second one soon I seen the previews for it when I went to see I am Legend. Another movie coming out is The Golden Compass and it's also a series. I read the second book to that series back in high school (The Subtle Knife) so I was excited to see they were going to making a movie out of the series cause the book was real good. I actually think I'm going to go buy the whole set read the 1st one for the first time then reread the second one and then the 3rd.