I Wish I Was Ayla

I saw a movie called "Clan of the Cave Bear" with Daryl Hannah in it yrs ago. I found it quite amusing. I finally got around to reading the book. Oh my, I was so hooked. Then to find out that Ayla's story continued....wow

I have and anticipated all the books and have the last of the series as well. Reading about Cavemen, it is a made up story (fiction) but Jeal Auel is a great story teller. She brings the characters to life.

I believe I could have been Ayla. I am very resourceful and I like to hunt and fish and grow and collect herbs.

Yes, I could have been Ayla
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I Havent read all the books, and when i first started readhing them, id seen the movie first, then went straight to book 2. BIG MISTAKE!! the movie is great, but timelines are ascue, and significant things missed... so I've started the clan of the cave bear book now, and its amazing!! but from what i can remember from the second book, and the third... I'd very much like to be Jondarla... (can't remember spelling haha) ayla sounds beautiful!!

also, yes its fictional story... but look at the realism and research she has done! neanderthals and homo sapians DID live together for a time, and her idea that the clan have memories from past generations is a theory favoured by a lot of experts... the tools they used in that time were real... and i looked up where the "steppes" were, and its in hungry... and the seasons / climate fits!! its amazing... haha best book / series...

im not a reader but i keep coming back and reading it lol.

Sorry, kinda fandomed this book... lol my bad!!