I like the picture of the brand new fluffy pillows. It makes me feel so fresh! As if I had a nice shower and a fulfilling nights sleep. Crisp sheets and brand new socks. Pressed pants and a clean shave.
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3 Responses Dec 19, 2007

Oh la la!<br />
It feels so nice :)

Wow, something I guess I had never thought about. The cool side of the pillow is nice. I know, that I look for it when I don't feel good like when I have had a feaver. Fluffy pillows, and a warm blanket---right out of the dryer---hmmmmm what a nice feeling!!!

HI Awakening. You make me feel fresh too because of your name. Like a rebirth of some sort. A new outlook. A higher consience. A better understanding. An awakening of the sences and the mind. Wow. Thank you Awakening. Maybe sometimes all we have to do is reflect on the meaning of words to take us to that understanding. Summit.