Love It!

Ever since i was little i was always wanting black clothes but back in the day when parents were buying clothes it had to be all colours!!!

As soon as i got money i brought a whole black warderobe!!!
And i still do now without thinking!!

I brought clothes for my holiday the other week and all of my night tops were black and even day tops!! I just pick them try them buy them and then i realise that everything is black!!!
sazead sazead
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3 Responses May 17, 2007

I don't like wearing colors either, nobody understands why i do this. I have never been a girly-girl, i don't like makeup, sandals, heels, skirts, or dresses. I like my clothes, i usually just wear my shirts that have my favorite bands on them. I always wear my dark jeans and my converse. I'm not a tomboy although i probably seem like i am.

I don't buy a ;ot of black clothes but I buy a lot of brown/tan/beige clothes watever you want to call it. I do it and don't notice it either until I look in my wardrobe

Hey lol i kno exactly wot u mean I go and buy black clothes and i dnt even realise it until i get home and realise all the stuff i bort was black lol hehe xxxx