...was told @ work that i wear too much black. I'm in colors now, just to conform, but the broom necklace is carefully tucked in w/ the tats and the black panties and bra. Funniest part was the comment that came w/ it... "Black is for people who are insecure". I may not know how to act as myself w/ other ppl but in my head I'm PERFECT! So wear the black and tell them all to scr3w 0ff! (wearing black t and shorts now :p ) LOL
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I think it matches your spirit perfectly actually! Back as your heart. True praise indeed from a reptile! Lol

Yeah i agree that is the most idiotic thing i ever heard. Black is sliming; black is artsy, black is professional, black is powerful. Its anything but what they are describing it as. I hate when people like to talk about your clothes. I rember someone at work told me once i must only have black and gray in my wardrobe because thats the only two colors they see me in. It made me feel really bad like my wardrobe was a peice of **** or atleast my outfit selection. But later on i realized they just was so ******* bored and consumed with me that thats all they could muster up, some sort of weak insult. **** is so funny!<br />
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Anyhow sorry for rambling. Its your life your wardrobe. Wear what you want. **** the haters they don't need to be watching and analyzing your **** anyways!

I naturally head towards dark colours, I don't know why...Who-ever said it means you’re insecure is a fool to make such a rash judgement, did they conduct a study of the general public that explored the relationship between people who favour black and their insecure natures? Really? Because I don’t know and maybe they did.