The Elegance of Black

Black is elegant, mysterious, sleek & comforting. I LOVE that it incorporates all these elements & that is actually NOT considered a color. Black is actually a saturation of negative color. Whereas white is a saturation of positive color. Though for the sake of argument people always refer to black as a color. Yes, its gorgeous. Matches everything, creates mysterious spaces, gives the illusion of sleek, thin & aerodynamic. I own many black electronics, clothes, shoes & accessories. 

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

It would be interesting how this came about. For years men have been buying their wives black and red lingerie when in reality they would prefer white cream or some other colour. Black I suppose comes from darkness and fear of the dark and the unknown hidden danger and probably most horrors movies have adopted villians hiding in shadows along with other monsters. I got married in black and today i celebrate my 42nd anniversary so black was a good omen then and I still have a lot of black clothes. They show less marks and are easy to accessories

Oh the film industry has all kinds of tricks, especially during the black & white era. Heck, I could write a story about that. Like in all horror films when you see a woman wearing white, yep, she's about to be attacked by the killer. Its so predictable. • Awwww, Happy 42nd Anniversary!!! I think those color associations only have meanings if you believe in it.

Black is slimming and shows coloured accessories to their best advantage even a white shirt or blouse. But black psychologically also has its dark side if you pardon the pun and has been used as such for centuries to instil fear. Undertakers, Nazi officers, auditors, police officers,judges,barristers,headmasters even Darth Vader and other villains have always been the symbol of evil and fear but also of mystery and intrigue.

Yes, I know all about good (white) vs evil (black) philosophy. I wonder who came up w/that? Maybe the same marketing executives that decided pink = female & blue = male. Haha

Thank you ephemeralx. :D