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Green Is the Color of Inspiration

When I see the color green I fell so very inspired because it is so varied . There are so many shades of which to express your self with green from bold to soft to raging jealousy. It is a very powerful color as anyone who lives in the USA can tell you, it is the major color of our moolah, and I have yet to hear someone say that it doesn't go with what they are wearing at that moment(money that is) It is the color of many living things ie: trees, grass  p lants in general are the color green. Almost all of the living things of the world have some form of green in them and most human eyes have at least a lil bit of green in them.
tallandprettyone tallandprettyone 51-55, F 1 Response Feb 24, 2008

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my irish/german wife has green eyes, and the whites surrounding them are so bright white the green stands out even more, mine are sadly bloodshot, but like they say opposites attract and we have been attracting each other for nearly 31 years.