Especially Forest Green

I used to live in Las Vegas and all I saw was a million shades of brown. Now I live in Northern Nevada where shades of green outnumber shades of brown.

When I bought my house, I tore out all the blue carpet and had a pale green carpet put in. My bed is a "lodge pole" bed - it looks like a tree and on the green carpet... it's awesome.

I have two green cars, my Jeep is forest green... blends in to the forest when I park it up in Tahoe.

Green calms me, keeps me anchored to nature and surrounds me inside my home and out.

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3 Responses Nov 19, 2009

Green is good!

My fav colour too.

Meekster... are you in those pics??? It's so hard to tell....<br />
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Nice story sweets....<br />
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