Pink And Lavendar

I once worked with a woman who seemed to like me alot and I felt we could enjoy each other's company. On consecutive days I wore a pink dress shirt and then a lavendar one. In the lunch room the 2nd day, she complimented me on my choices of color, then added sweetly, "You know of course, pink & lavendar are only worn by women and queers."

I choked on my sandwich and really didn't know how to answer right off. all the while, she sat there demurely, proud of herself, smiling and looking amused while I collected myself, and staring inquiringly directly into my eyes. Her remark jolted me because I was indeed bi- and a transvestite but I tried to keep those secrets to myself. All I could really manage to to do was force a laugh and tell her I thought the colors were nice enough, other guys wore them and I had picked up the shirts on a sale...really lame stuff. She had set me up completely and satisfied her curiosity all in about 15 seconds.

Her attitude toward me faded but my respect for her shot through the roof. She had read me completely & accurately. Pink & Lavendar still regularly remind me of her.

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2 Responses May 23, 2012

You are welcome for the comment. I just sort of understand why that happened. To start with she didn't have the rigt to express her opinion in that manner. It was very rude and disrespectful to you. To begin with she didn't know your sexual preference, and it was none of her business what they were, and to infer that you were anything other than another employee was wrong. Sorry that had to happen to you.

I would have disagreed with her. While pnk an lavender are primarily used by woman in a lot of their clothes I do not see the connection she made about males who wear pink and lavender. Those two colors can go very well in male fashions. I see them on many men in the tv business. Hosts, weathermen, news anchors etc. I on the other hand would wear pink al over and all the time if I could with all the ruffles I could get them with.

You are correct that in today's world, guys can wear these colors much better than in years past. This took place in the late 70's before I married. These colors just were not often seen on men then. Her perception & observation fit the thought of those days. Thanks for the comment, too!