I Love Pink And It Looks As Nice As Purple On Red Heads

I only had a few pink clothes growing up

most of my sun dresses as a child were either red and blue or orange and mustard, or black and white etc

I had a few pink things but not any that are that memorable to me

I think I had a pink top with monkeys on it that I loved as a child... and one with big strawberry

my favourite outfit was a paradise flower and toucan body suit that tied up with blue edging at the back and we wore wooden cloggs with  and a sun visor

I didn't have too many pink things in the bedroom ... maybe a pink lip gloss or perfume creme or a pink hat or pink pillow case etc

most of our bedroom things were either autumn shades of mustard, brown, wheat, orange or floral

as I have got older I have added more pink into my life but still love my old faithful light blues and beiges and greys or creams ..

well somethings never change!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Jun 17, 2012