Think Pink

i never liked the colour pink it was always to girlie i was never a girlie girl, I used to rough and tumble with the lads I was one of the boys. But i did maintain my appearance i wasn't that much of a boy lol. My favourite colour was blue especially through my dark days i loved blue that was all i painted in all i dressed in even my entire bedroom was blue anyway as years passed i went from blue to black and so on you get the picture i never wore bright colours. It was only when i became pregnant i started to change my colour as i was pregnant over quite a hot summer well for England anyway and i wore whites and pastel colours what a difference it made to me then i found out i was having a girl and then the pink hit me it was great. I love pink i cannot get enough of it my partner and even my daughter think i'm crazy with the pink ha
myangel1979 myangel1979
36-40, F
Apr 28, 2007