It Expersses Femininity

Pink is such a pretty color....well depending on the shade. personally I like the deep pinks. It symbolizes cancer awareness for women, it lets people know that although your baby may look like a boy she is in fact a girl. ( except I had my daughter dolled out from head to toe in pink or purple and people still asks me what it was. Eventually i started telling people it was a boy and I was in denile!!) And you know the saying " real men wear pink".
Luci Luci
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4 Responses May 2, 2007

lol Emerald, that's precisely why I used to get pink lighters when I smoked (been 14 months since the last cig). Unlike Cow, however, I do wear pink things .. example: my main pair of shoes are black/pink Pumas. Sure, it may be harder for a guy to pull off .. but I've found myself beyond caring if it's received well or not... I know I'm straight, I know what I like, and that's all that should matter I think.

im a man, and although i dont wear pink (not brave enough) lol (scared in case it makes me look gay) lol lol!! but it is one of my favourite colours i have to admit lol!!! and i absolutely adore women that wear pink!!!

REAL MEN use pink cigarrette lighters too!! lol. One guy informed me though that's because No Other Guy will borrow or steal a pink lighter, so his never comes up missing! lol. So there's a tip for all you MANLY men that can never keep a lighter around! YEAH! GO PINK!!!

I love the color pink too! I have the baseball cap, T shirt and even the socks I got from last year for donating to the Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness.