I Hoard Purple Things

How weird is that?  I have a collection of all things purple.  I love all shades, but the dark, vibrant color is my favorite.  When I got married, our colors were purple and black.  It was amazing!!  I buy packs of post-it notes or anything and take all of the purple items out and put them in my special hiding place.  When I'm feeling especially sad, mad or upset, I take out my purple things and just look at them.  They are so pretty and they make me feel better.  Again, how weird it that?

purpleriz purpleriz
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Why thank you mew for the kind and considerate remarks...just for that, I put the "purple curse" on you...for all eternity...mwahahahaha!!!!!!

I agree with you, perpleriz, you are wierd. LOL

In certain mystic circles, purple is a very sacred color: the color of protection and strength and purification. (Theosophy, I AM, Summit Light house, and other numerous groups associated with St. Germain and the Ascended Masters.

Well i am glad you have a color that you really like

Its a good movie too.