Song Sung Blue--every Garden Grows One!

The color blue has been my favorite for most of my life. 

While I love all shades of blue, there are certain ones that are more appealing to me than others...the blue of the pacific ocean...the sky on a perfect summer son's eyes...lobelia...Packard blue...periwinkle...spiderwort...

Just to name a few.

I even love references to the color, like the songs:  BLUE (dabadee), and Song Sung Blue...

I want to dye my hair bright an anime character. I once dyed my white poodle blue.

I have a blue computer bag, a blue saddle and bridle, blue clothes, blue eye-shadow, blue nail polish, a blue electronic cigarette, blue pillows, blue blankets, blue lights on my computer, a blue dog (that is really his registered color!),blue dishes, blue shower curtain...

I do truly love the color!


1froggirl 1froggirl
36-40, F
Feb 15, 2009