A Rainbow Is Like Gods Kiss

I love rainbows and they are like a kiss or looking in gods eyes

I just love the colors and my fave is indigo purple-blue n pink

I love waterfalls I think they are so sensual n exotic
the spray of the waterfalls are lovely ... you hear the sound long before you get there

.. n rain forests  being under the canopy you see the twinkle of the sunbeams

and its darker closer to the ground... i love the smell ... n fresh air, the birds n sounds

of frogs and other stuff...

I love going for rain forest walks and in awe of the old trees their

there isn't a think like the fresh air you get and the high going up into

the rain forests at mount tambourine etc...

the drive and having a picnic is my favorite thing to do

is we put on a good cd and nice smooth drive up the mountains its so cool

and there are some lovely old cottages and pubs to have lunch if u aren't into


I would say to anyone who has not been to australia ... you have to do yourself

a big favor and go ... you will love it!!! n you take me too!!! just for fun!!!

my sisters first husband used to take us places like that heaps and it was the best

days we had together.. my brother playing mr army man with the camera tripod

pretending to shoot japanese tourists... n being an idiot

the spakling cider drinks we toasted in the car with the baby and the dumb stuff we did

... me wearing davids clothes when mind got wet  and going to these cottage farms

i really miss those things n if I had a man ...that's what we;d be doing

and some beach life too!!

sometimes david would take us out to the airbase and see the big Russian plane or go for

night drives I loved that so much.... n renovating!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Feb 23, 2011