I Fried Some Fish

2 days ago my husband bought some medium size fish....heck! I don't know their names... We're trying to eat healthier so we buy the delicious ones like salmon, chilean seabass, tuna, kingfish etc... But the cheap ones taste good too when fried in turmeric paste and salt. Not a health-conscious cooking method I supposed. But anyway, I was too busy to cook them and they were left out for a few hours. By the time I was ready to cook, I realized that I had eight fish to throw out into the garbage can! They didn't stink yet, just about - but I couldn't take a chance serving them to my babies. I couldn't do it! Couldn't just throw them even if it was only one fish...... Thank God I came from a middle class family. Our family values include saving food and saving money. Even if I didn't care enough about saving money right now, I started to get scared of God's retribution on me. I mean, God makes some people rich and some people poor. He makes some people live in the slum, some people live in hunger and thirst and are dying from AIDS in certain parts of Africa and certain back alleys of Manhattan while some people are living it up in 5th Avenue or Garden City (Long Island). How could I throw these fish when I know there are hungry children somewhere (who eat fish) who would have considered it a feast to get my fish. For some family somewhere, it could have been a line between dying from hunger or staying alive another week! God gives everything to us as a test of our faith. Just because my life is good right now doesn't mean that I'm entitled to it. It doesn't mean that I will always have it! Only the world look at me for what I have to offer them. But God gives me something and look to what I do with the bounty that He gave me. Do I spend my bounty in a just manner? Do I share it with others? Am I thankful for what I have or do I take it for granted and throw it when I have enough? Everything is a test from God...sometimes the one who has less actually has more. God may deliver a child into an impoverished home. Yet this child grows up learning to earn his living independently. He learns to thank God for every morsel of food that he acquires. By the end of his life, he would have had the perfect simple life with wife and children and a content soul. And in the Hereafter, a beautiful palace in which he sits gazing at God, and perhaps with the companionship of prophets and sages of God. He would have more than he ever imagined...free flowing wine of Paradise, the best meat from the best fowls, fruits from low branches and maidens of great beauty. God's holy books are unsurpassed in its description of the reward that awaits us all for being patient in this world and for believing and obeying God. Yet, God could deliver another child into a life of luxury - caviar (yuck)...........a dozen packs of diet cokes, McDonald's every other day of the week, a dozen donut a day, Entenmann's chocolate cake, Haagen Dasz ice cream, ....okay, so maybe this is NOT just what Paris Histon might be eating, but what everyone else is eating! And is this the blessed life that will help me achieve happiness? Happiness in the short 10 minutes that it will take me to pig-out these food is not real happiness. Such a superficial short-lived happiness can turn out to be a curse! I could be addicted to these food, I could gain hundreds of pounds, I could then be stuck watching "The Big Loser" and lose my family. My children could lose their entire future as a result of this spiral binding misadventure! God, save me...God save us all from our own weak desires. Please help us get a grip of ourselves. God I'm sorry I didn't eat the fish. I did fry it and send it out to the stray cats. My husband said they devoured the fish - I put extra salt since I didn't think the cats were health conscious. O God please help our brothers and sisters in Africa, in the slums, in the war-torn lands, and even those sitting quietly in their homes....please have Mercy on them, and feed them. Please soften our hearts to help them and be generous with them. They are your preferred ones, for You only test severely those You love.
nourradiance nourradiance
36-40, F
May 20, 2007