On Piling Up Wealth

Ali, the cousin of the Prophet said: "Son of Adam, whatever you earn beyond your upkeep you are storing for somebody else" This can apply to wealth and to food. When we have extra wealth or food we ought to know that it is not meant for us. It is a blessing from God, for us to share with other people - be it family members, friends or people in need in our community. God makes some people have less and some people have more. In His ideal Message, God asks us to share our extra wealth with those whom He tested with poverty. Thus, our extra food and extra wealth is not really ours. Our Creator meant it perhaps for the homeless family down the street. When we insists on stuffing ourselves when we have enough, we end up destroying our lives.
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3 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Hope UR right. I'm losing assets providing housing for a truly needy and spiritual person. Hope Allah's will isn't for me to lose my home so someone else can have one.<br />
Free will is something I believe we have . Perhaps that is implied in my nom de plume.

Now that's a passionate comment that's worth implementing! Only that this human problem existed way before Robin Hood was conceived.<br />
God doesn't redistribute coz He wants to see us greedy humans do it instead, on our own free will, perhaps.<br />
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Tell that to the million $ bonus CEO's. I think God should redistribute what they've stolen against his law.<br />
Or to the overpaid sports heroes most people worship as false gods.<br />
I believe there should be a MAXIMUM income imposed just as there is a MINIMUM wage. The ceiling should be the President's salary since he/she can kill the entire planet with a turn of the wrong key and press of the wrong button. What is more powerful and vastating or DEvastating than that? Three million dollars to play dodgeball like we did for free as kids? A SIN!!!!!