Yep I Do

Man the feel of the woman's vagina has got to be one of lifes most pleasurable moments , the contours of the inside walls melt me just thinking about it .
Davnmish Davnmish
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

THE HOLY GRAIL......days and days of unconditional worship on my knees have been passed,gasps and exclaimations have been uttered with out of breath slurps and yelpings! "Calm down honey! it's okay!",she'll softly say as I'm having a cardiac arrest when she slowly parts her legs to reveal my surprise gift......a dripping wet freshly shaven ***** after years of hairy mind goes blank,my tunnel vision linked with a whooshing sound in my brain,I'm on the brink of the cliffs of pleasure before being edged over when I see droplets of clear juices fall in slow motion onto my an ambulance!