Since Birth

I have been a Cowboys fan since the day i was born. I am from the Dallas Texas area so i can't really be a fan of another team. There are pictures of me in a Cowboys onesie and in a little cheerleader uniform. My dad is a big fan so i didn't really have a choice but he does take me to games and so i am glad i can do that with him. Everyone in my family is a fan my grandfather, my uncles, my brothers and soon to be my newborn nephew. I think i will go buy him a onesie;)
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Well my parents have season tickets and my mom is really athletic she played softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and some people don't consider this a sport but I do cheerleading and I played all those sports I have school records for softball and tennis.

huh my mom is really girlie and she doesn't like the noise and i don't think she know the difference between a touch down and a home run lol

Haha yea sounds like my parents but they are die hard Colts fans they have been taking me since my mom was pregnant with me her doctor didn't like that to much.

Hmm i don't think that happened with me... my mom DOES NOT like football, but that is cool to think you have been going to games literally your whole life.