I Love The Dallas Cowboys<3

People Always Ask Me "Why Do You Like The Cowboys?" Or Telling Me "They Suck There Always Losing!"

I Go For The Dallas Cowboys Because...... They Might Not Always Win But It"s Not About Winning Or Losing It"s About Team Work And Thats Why I Like The Dallas Cowboys Because No Matter How Much Times They Lose They Dont Give Up GO DALLAS COWBOYS!!♥

#Ya"ll Should Start Winning.

Original JellyBean<3
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2012

love them cowboys all the way

Hello! I am one of the original Cowboy fans. I'm from Dallas, and I've been<br />
a Cowboy fan all of my life. I have an autograph signed by Randy White.<br />
You are right, it's not always about winning, but I think everybody is going<br />
to see a whole new Cowboy team this year. I know I'll be watching!!