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Warning, this post contains spoilers for the end of The Dark Knight.


I love this film.  In my opinion, it's been the best film released in the last few years and it's certainly my favourite superhero movie.  It's wonderfully dark and philosophical, and the soundtrack is breath-taking in places.


What really makes this film is its characters though.  All of the main cast are superbly well done.  Although Heath Ledger's Joker really does steal the show, I think many people overlook some of the other brilliant characters.  Most notably, Harvey Dent.  Aaron Eckhart is absolutely amazing.  Although I was at first a little put out by the way he'd been changed from the comic books, I absolutely fell in love with the film version.  Eckhart plays a complex character surprisingly well, and watching is slow descent into madness (one of my favourite scenes in the film is when he takes that guy hostage after the parade scene).  It's a real shame that he dies at the end.  I would have loved for him to appear in the next film.


Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox is another of my famous characters, but ever since I saw The Shawshank Redemption I've like Morgan Freeman anyway.  I find Fox an amazingly likable character, and loved it when he even stood up to Batman to defend his own ethics.


Of course, then there's Heath Ledger's stunning portrayal of the Joker.  Plenty of people have comment on this, so I see no point it repeating them.  I do view it as Ledger's finest role, however, and am glad that they chose to portray the Joker as just being an anarchist rather than a villain with an agenda.  The nudges towards Alan Moore's The Killing Joke in the conflicting origin stories that the Joker tells people throughout the movie also entertained me.  It's great that he's such an enigma.  I think that giving him an origin, like in Tim Burton's Batman would have ruined him a bit.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
22-25, F
Mar 2, 2009