Best Fantasy Series


Stephen King, the most reliably readable author I’ve read. Prolific and consistently successful.

The Dark Tower series ties up his horror novels with an almost plausible explanation for all the pains he's put characters through over his long career.

It has its moments, bouncing from spectacular to great…rarely approaching boring. The characterisation is top-notch, the relationships are believable, and you begin to grow closer to the characters the more you read into their adventure.

The ending was always going to be controversial, I was satisfied. The journey towards the ending was where the entertainment came from anyway.

I’d love to say more, but I am in a lot of pain from inflamed gum around wisdom tooth.


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About to start a reread, agree with your take on the ending. Can't believe I've been a member of ep so long, 2007 seems so long ago now, I never would have geussed back then that id be struggling to type on a tablet in 2012...this is a strange future.

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It was a most apt ending, Roland has avoided going to the hell his obsession was threatening to take him. Stephen King has said that hell is repetition so getting the horn means he has been redeemed to some extent by his last ka-tet and has a chance to save and restore the beams once and for all. Also think that it may actually be Rolands 19th trip to the tower or he may only have 19 chances in a kind of purgatory. There are so many things that could have gone wrong for Roland that he may have been destroyed in the tower. He sacrificed susan and jake in his single mindedness and it is only through this ka-tet followed in the series that he is spared the ultimate failure.

Movie/s and TV series on the way

TBH I never really enjoyed them. I have read them, but the lulls in the books kill the whole experiance for me.

It was bitter-sweet. I like the ending, I just read the revised version of gunslinger, it may as well be the second time line (Minus Horn)

I've never read them, but reading the stories in this group makes me want to start reading them soon.

i too have enjoyed many of king's books. i started reading his works when i was about 12 - scared the hell outta me back then ... lol ... no doubt he's one of the best and will remain to be even long after he's gone.