Where Are The Movies?

I've been waiting for the end of "LOST" since it began, and not just because I didn't care for it but also because the end was supposed to signal the beginning Of the epic journey ON SCREEN!

    Alas,  Damon Lindelhof drops out of the Dark Tower project, and leaves it floating in the water. J. J. Abram Hasn't made a statement officially yet, but who knows. I weep at the loss of unknown potential for what could have been. I shake a frustrated fist at those who would deny me my dumbed down visual satisfaction. At this point I'm always on the look out for a good indy film based (even vaguely) on the books. I'm sure it sounds small and petty given world events and what, but I'm American, and if complaining about trivial things during times of crisis isn't American I don't know what is!  

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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Oops... Sorry.. Correction Stephen King.. That's better. Now I can go on the rest of the day.

I kind of wish they would just forget about it! Everything they make into a movie now days is complete CRAP!<br />
I would hate for that series to be ruined any further than Steven King did himself by rushing through those last three books like he did. Afraid of death the entire time.<br />
<br />
It will end up being some "based on" story that really has nothing to do with the books and will have the same quality of acting that Haven had. Did you see that mess on sci-fi?<br />
<br />
We need some GOOD screen writers so we can burn the old ones at the stake!

yup the lost people stepped back and let ron howard look at it god i hope to god he walks away from it he made a mash of angels and demons and thats a simple story he would get lost with the dark tower

They have said recently that Ron Howard will be directing The Gunslinger.