I absolutely HATE the sunlight! I wish it didn't exist (I know, most people think I'm weird). I don't know what it is about it. I even leave all the blinds in my house closed. I try to make my plans as close to night time as possible.
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It's ok. I get it. I prefer to drive my convertible at night. It would be a cold uninhabitable planet though is sunlight didn't exist.

Yeah, I've recently learned how sunlight is needed for us to get Vitamin D! I know we need it for a lot more other things. But I never knew Vitamin D was one!

So your telling me... You just learned at your age that the sun is required for life...?

I don't think I said that! I tried to explain I knew the importance of light (because I knew id probably get at least one dumb reply)! Let me rephrase this for you: I didn't know sunlight was a way of producing vitamin D!

We all learn things at different times, lilhitsy.


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People think im crazy wearing a hoodie is 70+ degree weather. Trying to avoid direct sunlight.

Does the sun bother your skin, or just don't like it?

alittle bit of both, also anxiety issues.