With The Lights Out, It's Less Dangerous

"Here we are now, entertain us"... I see things in the dark I can't in the light...I love the dark. I try to be in the dark as much as possible. I take a shower in the dark, put my make-up on in the dark(and NO I don't look like a clown lol), When I'm lazing around the house it's dark.... I even prefer to work at night... That's why I pick the graveyard shifts when getting hired. It's comfortable to me... My eyes can't take the light.. I feel to exposed..just doesn't feel natural. I save a lot on electricity and don't have to buy light bulbs often that way! ;) I don't think my apartment likes the light either... Cause soon after I put a new bulb in it always blows out. The dark is the BEST!! I seriously wouldn't mind if I never see the sun again. The only days I really enjoy.. are days like today... Gloomy...  Dark Clouds ...I never want to say goodbye to the darkness *dancing in the dark* ;) 

QueenOfHearts QueenOfHearts
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4 Responses Oct 23, 2009

The quietness...yes! Love fireplaces...;) don't mind that kind of light... Love this time of year, for bonfires and hot tubs! Yes, I like that too satIne... wondering the streets..gracing the night with my presense, feeling like I'm the only one out and about :) lol That's why I keep a glock..I'm not afraid of anyone...I have to have some sense of security..Why should I be afraid to be out and about during my fav. time?....NO one is going to deprive me of my pleasures.<br />
Thank you for commenting! ;) *DaRkNeSs LoVeS DaRkNeSs*

I like the quiteness of nite, the darkness of my living room, when a blaze is dancing in the fireplace.I even like the tint of early morning or evening.I have worked late shifts in the past and enjoy being out when allot of others seem unaware of my passing.I feel safer at these times. I don't know if I'd want to always be caught up in complete darkness though, Like when I use to go spelunking and my light would go out...total darkness places me on guard too much...

Ahh haahaha I'm a nocturnal, liberal vampire, don't cha know? Wow three lamps? Sounds like my grandmother..She'll have 4 lamps on plus a ceiling chandalier..with 5 bulbs in it..LOL I could move somewhere, where it always rains, never shines, and live out the rest of my days happy! I even hate the little light that my labtop throws off..adn I have an aquarium in the bedroom that throws of light..needs moved to the living room...drives me crazy! Thanks for commenting Nik chicka;)

pretty vampish QOH!! lol i like the dark too. but i love those sunny days. and usually i have 3 lamps on in the house.