It Holds The Truth

Life is a beautiful lie. With all its beauties and dreams. In my case, its the American dream. But that dream has died out long ago. I can only imagine how many of these dreams have died out with the destruction of humanity and the corruption of the government. Our morals have dwindled to nothingness and good people are hard to find in this world. From there i learned to appreciate the darker side of thing. Because of its truth. I dont like having things sugar coated. Tell me like it is. My fascination of the dark, of a world undiscovered from fear and neglect, rose and with it came a greater vision. I no longer had tunnel vision. I know there is good and i can see the light just as i can see the dark. Dont misunderstand. I appreciate both sides but im drawn to the darker. Death is a painful truth but i have come to accept it as eternal bliss.
ConLocura ConLocura
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Death is a necessary evil. It brings clarity, and with clarity truth. Life is a lie and therefore, a catalyst holding us all back. We do not live but instead merely exist in a world full of arrogance and lies. The darkness brings us clarity and helps us shatter these lies.