I Love The Most Realistic Vampires

Ok, I'm not much of a reader, but when it comes to the Cirque du Freak series, I can't wait to read it! The Cirque du Freak is my first & only books series that both I have ever read & I have ever read from Mr. Darren Shan! You guess are probably thinking, "oh, your one of those girls that read vampire books like twilight." actually, I HATE twilight! I just have to say, I HATE romance books (except vampire diaries. That I'm fine with), especially twilight. With the Cirque du Freak, I don't care if the vampires are not insanely handsome because these vampires make sense. Another reason why I prefer Cirque du Freak than twilight, is that Cirque du Freak keeps you guessing because it doesn't follow all those cliches that the hero will always win, which Mr. Darren Shan made Darren (the character) seem more like the victim as well as Steve because Steve totally hates his life & has no idea what he truly wants. I was tense when reading the 12 books that I get exhasted after finish reading each book from the twists & turns in them. I'm a total Cirque du Freak fan that I can't wait for the prequel of it comes out :D
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Cirque du Freak ftw! Lol better than twilight.

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