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Idiocy! Lunacy! Stupidity! Sometime i just can't fathom or imaging what goes on in these peoples minds. i sure wouldn't call it love!


Woman Injured in Power Tool Sex Toy Encounter

By Matthew Stabley updated 51 minutes ago

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. -- Some sexual experimentation landed a southern Maryland woman in a hospital with injuries tough to imagine and even more difficult to forget.

Maryland State Police airlifted the 27-year-old woman to Prince George's County Hospital Center early Sunday morning after she was injured in an incident involving a sex toy attached to a saber saw blade, first reported.

The man who called 911 about the incident admitted attaching the sex toy to the saw and then using the high-powered, homemade device on his partner, according to the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office.

The saw cut through the plastic toy and wounded the woman, according to The injuries were severe enough for medevac, but the woman was released from the hospital Monday and is recovering from her unusual injuries.

Investigators talked to the woman, who told them she suffered the injuries during a consensual act and that she and her partner were trying something new, the sheriff's office said.


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Each one to his/her own.

I guess aspirants for the Darwin Award are all, shall I say "brain trusts". It seems beyond belief, yet ... they're here!

OMG this ranks right up there with men getting their penis injured in a vacuum cleaner...

It seems te unkindest cut of all!.<br />
It was Rod Stewart who made it popular, but Jim Capaldi that wrote it, but;- "The first Cut is The Deepest" { the subsequent ones could have avoided if "any of the three cnuts, wasn't the thickest"