This Morning ....

I was lying in bed this morning, the sun streaming in the window.  One of those mornings that makes you glad to be awake and breathing the clean cool air.

The birds were singing in the garden and I just lay there listening.

Simple but wonderful.

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Dang...we don't have the birds yet...still too damn cold...hmph! ...waaaahhhhh...

Thank you for your comments guys. Yes, litlmissunshine ... tuning in is definitely what we have to do.

We're all part of the world song n' all you gotta do is tune in.

It is the simplest things in life that bring the most pleasure. It is a very wise person who recognizes this.

Yes, it's beautiful, isn't it? There was a scientific study I think sometime last year, that said that birds do sometimes sing for pleasure, not just to talk and signal to each other. For me, it was 'Well, you don't say!' To me, the idea that animals do everything for survival and nothing for pleasure is just silly, but it's nice I suppose to have it 'proved' by science!!!!<br />
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It's one of my favourite sounds.

When I was growing up in a country village, we had a big garden, and one of the pleasures was to wake up to the birds singing in our garden. Lovely:)<br />
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