One of Their Biggest Fans!

I love the Doors..I have to say that I am definately one of their biggest fans.  I grew up hearing Jim Morrison's voice on the weekends, when my father would have his buddies over, and I am always comforted by the soothing sound of his smooth, deep voice as an adult.  It definately takes me to a different place when I hear their music. 

One of my favorite songs is Five to One, because of the line.."No one here gets out alive.."  I have read the biography "No one here gets out alive" an unhealthy number of 

The whole band was a group of very musically talented individuals, and put together with Morrison's crazy antics and imaginative lyrics, they have become legends throughout the decades.  I think it is amazing how poetic the lyrics are but yet so meaningful.  Their music will live forever. 

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Totally agree - My favorite group along w/ The Beatles - Love The Doors - Read 'No One Hear Gets Out Alive' a long time ago and loved the book .. Just finished reading John Densmore 'Riders on the Strom, which is a relly good read as it offers some interesting insight from someone who was there. Desnmore makes mention of Danny Sugarmans' book and that alone was funny - <br />
<br />
Best video I ever saw - <br />
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He has the smokey sexy voice , my fav male singer ..sad he passed at 27 from heart failure tho .