I'm Not the Carefullest of Girls.

I had just graduated highschool. I was jobless, and living with my grandparents. I was in the country and feeling quite disconnected from everything (in one of my many frequent "oh woe is me" moods) when I was up in the wee hours of the morn watching Subterranean on MTV, back when they still played music videos. I see two people, a man and a woman. Their faces are painted white, almost like mimes. The girl is in a simple shift dress with stripey stockings. I remember being incredibly taken in at that realization, as I'd been known among my friends and family for always wearing striped stockings.

It was the first time I'd ever heard The Dresden Dolls. It was the "Coin-Operated Boy" video. I immediately began asking friend if they'd heard them, none had. I scoured local department store's music sections for the CD to no avail. I ventured into Sam Goody (which didn't stay in our town long) and lucked upon a copy, though they didn't have a couple others I'd been searching for much to my disappointment. I went home and put it in my cd player with my headphones and listened, uninterrupted to the entire album.

I must admit that I was completely floored. Not often in my life have I ever been completely consumed by a song, not to mention an entire album.

It was as if most everything I heard on that album was something that I'd wanted to say to the world and not known how to. Somebody had done it. I found I could associate with at least bits and pieces of every single song.

I've been a fan for years now, and I even adore Ms. Palmer's solo work. I must openly admit that The Dolls.....their music...has had a profound effect on my young adult life. I am a fan, forever.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

agree with second to last sentence! <br />
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ive never been enthralled with a band either, its been half a year and i still love them. its funny how passionate fans are about her music....you really just love her or hate her.

I have never heard of them.....Truly!