A Child of the 60s

I was born in 1960. I have 2 older brothers; one 7 years older, and one 14 years older.  I grew up with their music. Believe me, no complaints... From Do-Wah music through Jimi Hendrix, Iron Butterfly and Three Dog Night.  I grew up in the "best of times" for a rock music lover. The Eagle's music was the first music, I felt, I could call my own.  They sang my song.  I could relate the stories their song told to my personal experiences.  From "Take it Easy", to "Desperado"; From "Tequila Sunrise" to Peaceful Easy Feeling"; From "In the City" to "Life in the Fast-lane" and, then "Hotel California", to me, the greatest rock ballad ever sung.  Is it any wonder that their concert tickets can still sell for $300 to $400 a piece?

The Eagles are now, and will alway be, to me, the greatest rock band, ever....

imdkeeper imdkeeper
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1 Response Aug 14, 2008

Yes, I like the music as well as the lyrics. I'm not much of a lyrical person either. For many songs (other than the Eagles), they could change the lyrics and I'd still like the music. Usually for me it's about the instruments playing the music and the voice is just another instrument.