I Like Them!!

 im only 29, so i wasnt around when the eagles were major successful, but even considering, i still like them, and i like a lot of their music!! as i say, im only 29, and i only have their greatest hits cd, but its really good!!! i like it a lot!!! its just that there isnt a lot of modern day music that i like, its just that im kind of a traditionalist when it comes to music, and i prefer the older music, cos in them days, you had bands like the eagles, the beatles, the rolling stones etc etc that would come out with great albums, and i mean the whole album was great, not like these days when you have all your download charts and itunes and everything else, where there is more emphasis put on having a great single as compared to a great album, so , in the process, you end up with a lot of albums coming out nowadays that have maybe 2 or 3 songs on there that are worth listening to, and the rest is rubbish, and i find that very sad!!!

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2 Responses Jan 11, 2010

yeah, its true though!!! all the bands i mentioned have stood the test of time, cos as i say they produced good albums, that have become iconic albums!!! but a lot of bands and artists nowadays are around for 10 to 15 years maximum before you never hear of them again!!!

I'm the same age as you and I like the Eagles. My dad has their greatest hits CD too and I often borrow it as I agree that a lot of modern music cant compare to the bands you mentioned. You are right, every song on their album is good compared to the modern ones with 1 decent song.