When I was a kid, I can't understand why I have to study English. I often sleep during English class (and Science too!) 'cause I'm not interested with it. I'm more fluent in our native language, a rebel, an activist, a writer using my native tongue.

Whenever I hear others who are trying so hard to speak in English, I often glare at them. I wanna tell them that we still have our own, why do they have to use English?

I've been four months now here in EP. And because of my everyday write-ups here, I'm starting to be good in English. That's another positive effect of EP.

What I don't want about this development, is that I forget some words from our national language. When I talk to my friends, I always speak in the combination of our language and English. I often ask them, what's the translation for this English word in our language? Duh, it's awkward.

dazzlingeyes dazzlingeyes
18-21, F
Aug 27, 2010