i Love the Experience Project. i have "met" so many new and different people here. now most of the time, after the initial exchanges, the conversations wane. but the exceptions, the ones whom i continue conversations with, really make this place special. they make me thiMk, they give me insights, and make me look forward to the little time here or there that i can find to be on the puter. and here i can do it when i have time. when it's convenient for me.
  i work nights, which makes "socializing" difficult at times. the rest of the world works days and plays at night. i just never fit in, or when i could make time, i only had one day to play each week. fooey.
  thank you EP. and a very special thanks to those who make me look forward to those few minutes after work and before bed, who i now consider to be real friends. you make me smile.

Nita427 Nita427
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

yes, and now my "network", my "web", expands. i have too long lived "within" myself. it is high time i had some "input" from the "outside".

It's a good place to be. I have made some good friends through EP who extend into the rest of my life now too