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I am a woman with a post tramatic stress disorder. I have went to other online discussion groups and I can tell you that this is the best one that I have found. It's easy to get to and easy to write what hits you at any time of the day without having to read a road map from Star Trek. The articles are down to earth and I feel that I can write anything that I want without fear. I can journal in my personal file and contribute to and read messages that other people have sent in. It makes me feel good that I am not alone. Keep up the good work. I am recommending this site to so many of my friends who don't know where to go or what to do.
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For myself this is an amazing site. I tend to be an open book anyway and have been advised not to tell so much, especially when one trusts untrustworthy people. Trust needs to be gained. Yet, on this site people seem to tell it all. I've never experienced such opennes anywhere except on Dr. Phil, or Oprah. I think these people have truly made remarkable connections between people and brought out subjects not discussed before. This site as well is one of the places where I don't seem to hold back. My therapist may not approve, unsure, since she always tells me I do T.M.I.(too much information) which most people can't handle. Sometimes i feel that I am sharing too much here but I can barely contain myself. It is so encouraging to read others stories where everyone seems to also be an open book and this is the first place I've ever found where this occurs. It is such a freeing process. It's like writing in my journal but doing it on-liine and I used to journal often but have felt too ill to want to do it alone anymore. I need connection and I know many people read my stories but I don't get a lot of feed back or comments so I feel I may be too open after all. Who knows? Maybe I haven't found the right groups yet. I still worry some that I'm scaring people. But, as they say you can't please all the people all the time. In the meantime I love to read other peples stories and I feel I get a load off my mind whenever I write on this site. I think it's totally brilliant whoever began this site and thank you from the bottomof my heart. Velvetflow!

I'm a new member here too, sincerely hope we can become friends and communicate more. I believe joining in this site will make my life wonderfully.

I hate the Experience Project. Free me from this monster.

Very encouraging, I am new and hope to meet You again.

we have fantasy in our pillow , i am asking her to say name of other guys doing her , many times she agreed ,some times refusing , she agreed to say name of her boss doing her , some times saying the name of other guys. but when i am asking her to do it in reality she still refusing.

Dear, Donot get upset about the world.Man is the measure of everyyhing.So so you can change this world the way you want .If you think that you are nothing it s crasy .You can biult up your life from nothing.I m so sure about .I can give thousand and thousand experiences. One laugh is enough to start your new life try it today msd

I AGREEE!!! I AM THANKFUL THAT I FIND THIS SITE ... !!! i love writting n it's a nice way of sharing wats in ur mind n den getting other peoples opions on wat u wrotE! :-0

Your so right . You feel so open to this website . Like you can't hold back when your writing . I feel the same way !!<br />
By Erica

I'm glad you discover EP. EP is very great site.<br />
Peace out. Stay positive.