How Ep Began....

Thought everyone would be interested to find out how EP started!

The Experience Project Story


Everyone has a unique story and perspective to share with the world. Those experiences can inspire and connect people. We know this is true because it is the very story of Experience Project that shows how one person can impact millions of people.



Armen Berjikly started Experience Project after his own experience creating a support community for a friend dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. As the community grew, he saw the profound power of connecting people who understood each others' experiences. He also noticed these MS patients were more than just their illness, and they wanted to share and connect around the other life events and ideas that were important to them.

The information people shared was the very mechanism in which they connected to each other. The community started to take on a life of its own and brought people together, not just around MS, but also through various other shared experiences. That simple but powerful insight was the genesis for Experience Project, online since 2006.

EPSarah actually wrote this story.  I thought I would try to help her get this story circulated.  I wondered how it all began. Now we know.

Thanks EP Sarah




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i think this site is so great. very encouraging to red other people stories.thanx

Good to know! Many times I have been wondering how all this started, who had the idea of a community - to share experiences and without revealing each ones' identity.<br />
Thanks, blue!

Thanks Blue ...

nice story...great job you guys for starting this site. its such an amazing accomplishment...

Thank you for sharing this story!! I've deeply felt about the power or connecting people in EP. <br />

Thanks to everyone who made the Experience Project possible! Mel

Great Job! Well Done!

Well now you know. : )

I wondered a few times myself.<br />
Thanks for the read.

wow blue I wondered about that. Thx for getting it started

Thanks Blue for sharing this, now I know. :))

: ) Sorry more haven't read the story.<br />
Maybe it will get on a roll soon.<br />
<br />
Sometimes months later a story will just take off.

Thanks Blue!

Yes, I read that in EPSarah's. Interesting.

That is so neat and interesting and now so many people with different needs are being helped...its an awesome site with awesome people keeping it going and growing :) Thanks for sharing this story blue and sarah