Letter To My Secret Lover

Dear EP,

I am so very infatuated with you, I know it is a lot to handle all at once, but I think I might love you! You ask so many intriguing questions that I cannot help but pouring out in all honesty how I feel. You answer every question I pose to you. You have so many interests, you really know who you are and what you want, and when you do not, you openly ask for others insight. You make me feel needed, wanted, that what I tell you is important. I trust you above all others and you do not judge me just keep inviting back with your gestures and spunky thoughts. I know EP that you will be there for me if I have to leave abruptly and you never fault me for it, instead, when I return you tell me everything you have been hiding inside, waiting to tell. EP promise me you will never change! You allow me to be dramatic, to ramble on, to feel sexy, you never hold me back, never make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. You let me go at my own speed and your words comfort and reassure me that I am not alone, I am not the only one who feels, and loves and laughs and cries and screams and wants more! EP I want you to know that so many others feel the same for you,you are high praised and should know that so many want to keep you happy healthy and strong! I am not jealous though, I know that someone like you could never be kept for just me! You deserve to have the outpouring of love and desire from multitudes. I love you EP, I know you can handle that and not get weirded out because you are so very used to being loved! Goodnight EP, sweet dreams and I will have them to, I shall return to you again and again, so very soon...

Only you will know my truest most honest voice


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May 18, 2012