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A Place That Isn't Easily Described With Words.

Experience Project to me is what I would like to call "HOME."

I know before even writing this that people may criticize or even see this as a negative thing BUT in my eyes what I consider home to be is

1. A place to feel accepted.
2. A place to not to be judged but also supported
3. A place to be "yourself" and not be anything other than that
4. Lastly but not least to find friendship/relationships.

I know each and every single one of us have our own unique story as to how we came across EP. I simply came across this amazing place by pure coincidence. Who know one day while google my condition of agoraphobia would have brought me to the place as everyone knows as the Experience Project.

This place has it's ups and downs. What thing or place doesn't right? I couldn't be more grateful, blessed, honored, pleased, to have came across a better group of people ever in my life. It's as easy as it gets. I've made relationships purely out of what people see on my profile. Not getting to see what I look like "in person or from a distance" but have to believe that everything on my profile is either true or is me.

It's a huge risk to get onto any site and pure your feelings, emotions, and heart felt messages for strangers to read. It's hard to do that in person but to be able to do it online without anyone knowing a damn thing about you but still be support, loving, and caring for someone they never met in their lifes other than being on the other side of the computer to me is what I call a miracle in my eyes.

I couldn't begin to tell you how I felt going in into the real world when I was able to leave my house. I was always criticized for what I wore..for how my hair was...for how much make up I had on my face...for dressed too risk-ay or simply down to my personality but again I found people on here by chance, by taking risk.

I've not only learned a lot about myself through this site but I've learned more stuff about others and about things I would have never gotten to known if I didn't take a chance. This site has taught me to love unconditionally not to just only my family, or my "real life friends" or even boyfriends but to those who accept, appreciate, and care for me from just talking to me online.

I know a lot of people have told me to not be on this site religiously but as every person in this world has a weakness and EP is clearly mine. I don't use the internet to hide from my problems at all. I've gotten that a lot since I've been on this site but being on here teaches me something new everyday. This site has no only taught me new things about myself but about others as well. I learned that I was a fighter, I was caring, loving, and most importantly I learned that I could be me. Never in my life have I ever thought I could love people I have never met but it's possible.

I just wanted to say thank you to those whose taught me things, who has encouraged me, who has stood up for me, and simply who has loved me and accepted me. Without you guys my agoraphobia would be worse. I love you guys who have been here, who have taught, and who has accepted me. I couldn't say thank you enough.

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I came across EP when I had just lost a job. I was feeling suicidal and I did a web search to find message boards for suicidal people. I still deal with anxiety, even though I finally got a new job. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone.

I can remembr EVERY single begining thing I did with ep but ONE! ...ta THIS day, i CAN NOT remembr HOW i came across THIS place!!

first off . we thank you for you being here . i know i do . you have been an inspirational to so many . you have bought me laughter . a smile . just reading your status alone . when i have had my pity party . you are one of the ones who got me out of them . <br />
you are right . this place is a great place to be . people gives you wisdom, knowledge , patience *which i am still working on * . laughter . We all need laughter in our lives . laughter is the best medicine that you can get . i have learned myself things on this website that i would never had if i never came here . where most lounges fights . this lounge shows and takes time out to be there for people who is down and out . You are a great example of that . with your caring ways . You Rock ! . you are a great person and everybody has noticed that . i have learned things with you . you have great charisma . and a true blessing that EP has you on here . Thank you for finding this site . it has been a blessing for everybody soul that you have touched , by your generous ways and soft spoken mind . most of all , THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU !

You are amazing, I look forward to getting to know you better...

Thank you soooo much! I absolutely would love to get to know you better as well!

Your very welcome, you know I love ya!! As well, Besos... ;)

Besos! I love ya as well!!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING. You clearly know what I'm talking about but seriously thank you!

I have realized that many of my peculiarities aren't as 'far fetched' I thought they may be. <br />
<br />
I have learned how to connect with people who share feelings about different issues that are frowned upon in mainstream society.<br />
<br />
I feel fortunate to have the connection with the OP and feel so touched by her warm-heartedness that I've lifted up in a prayer of thanksgiving on several occasions and even have sent several hugs her way. <br />
<br />
I am utilizing the hope I've come across from several EP folks (you included, Christine) as weapons in my own battles with depression/loneliness.

I'm so glad that you were able to learn how to connect with you people. From getting to know you I would never think that is a problem but this site regardless of some of the bad this is a place to learn, to share, and to just experience. I love it and I'm blessed to have met you. I really hope that peoples stories, thoughts, or advice or anything helps you with your battles of depression and lonliness. Like I've said several times I'm here to help anyway that I can. I've gone through both depression and lonliness and I still struggle with it but anytime you need to be comforted, talked too, don't be afraid to ask for help for thats what I'm here for! =)

This line from a Bianca Ryan song says it best:

" you light up my life, you give me hope, to carry on"

Thats beautiful. What is the songs name?

I know that song. I think it's just called 'You Light Up My Life.' My sister had a jewelry box that played it when we were kids.

"You light up my life"

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