A Thought On 'Experience Project'

I'm very new to this community - one of the thousands who must have joined its ranks in the last few days. But as I look at my own motivations, and see how they sometimes coalesce with those of other members, and sometimes snag with them, I realise that there are many reasons why 'we' have signed up to this community. Some, driven by a general need to express themselves, use EP as a blog - churning out phenomenal quantities of stories or opinions on almost any topic. Such people - whose stories number in the thousands - are amazing. I have no idea how they generate so much thought - and how they word it so eloquently. Others have arrived here as the result of a specific need: to express something that has been bottled up and needs the anonymity of the EP environment to provide release. That's what brought me here - yet now that I arrive I find of course a community full of very unique, very human people - who slink away whenever a shallow or dehumanising story tries to force itself upon them... yet who are always willing to engage when humanity returns. EP allows me to be more myself than many a day out there - beyond the Matrix - yet it also challenges me to be more human because of the quality of humanity that I find here. So in an odd sort of way, EP restricts me: making me feel unworthy when I share my seemingly trivial fascinations amidst those who are grappling with much deeper things.
bornexplorer bornexplorer
36-40, M
Aug 2, 2012