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A Thought On 'Experience Project'

I'm very new to this community - one of the thousands who must have joined its ranks in the last few days. But as I look at my own motivations, and see how they sometimes coalesce with those of other members, and sometimes snag with them, I realise that there are many reasons why 'we' have signed up to this community. Some, driven by a general need to express themselves, use EP as a blog - churning out phenomenal quantities of stories or opinions on almost any topic. Such people - whose stories number in the thousands - are amazing. I have no idea how they generate so much thought - and how they word it so eloquently. Others have arrived here as the result of a specific need: to express something that has been bottled up and needs the anonymity of the EP environment to provide release. That's what brought me here - yet now that I arrive I find of course a community full of very unique, very human people - who slink away whenever a shallow or dehumanising story tries to force itself upon them... yet who are always willing to engage when humanity returns. EP allows me to be more myself than many a day out there - beyond the Matrix - yet it also challenges me to be more human because of the quality of humanity that I find here. So in an odd sort of way, EP restricts me: making me feel unworthy when I share my seemingly trivial fascinations amidst those who are grappling with much deeper things.
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It is interesting to me how so many others amaze you with their eloquency when you are quite eloquent yourself. You are a terrific writer, I hope to be as talented as you one day.

But you're SO young! My writing was awful when I was your age. I think you're amazingly gifted in your writing. It constantly feels as though you have been around a lot longer than your profile would suggest.

Well thank you kindly I appreciate that :). I work hard at it and it doesn't always come naturally to me. I read a lot, all the time, and so that has helped. Dictionaries and occasionally thesauruses are my friends. You are lucky to write beautifully now as I've read many stories by adults who are nowhere near as great as you are :)

So do you write anything more substantial? Do you have a novel in the making? How do you practice your art - apart from here?

I'm in honors literature at school so I often have papers or reports due and occasionally weds stories instead of more formal writing. I have about 4 novels in the making, all of which I haven't made progress on because I ran out of ideas. I've always been much more adept at shorter pieces than long.

4 novels? That is quite a feat. OK, so you ground to a halt... but you had 4 novels underway? Most people wouldn't get that far in their entire life. Did you pick themes close to your personal experience, or something abstract to your own experience? I think you need to add a story under the banner of a writing group here on EP - maybe 'telling tales' (no idea if that exists).

Only a couple (probably 5-7 chapters) chapters long each, but I started to feel uninspired. All running parallel to my life, with some added things here and there. Yes, I will have to look into that

You could try turning your writing into e-books.

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