This Is What The Internet Should Be.

I've made a lot of friends of the type of people i just wouldn't come into contact with in my real life. People from other countres, other lifestyles, other age groups. When you see someone's words, their real expression of who they are then their labels don't matter anymore. They are not defined by any stereotype. They're just people. People that I can talk to and empathize with. I know that their are other website where you can connect with others. But this is this first one where I really felt like I belong. i come here every day since I first joined. And I hope I never stop. I see some of the veterans burning out. I just hope it doesn't happen to me. So thanks to all my friends if any of them are reading this.
adamjensen adamjensen
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 7, 2012

not sure how i found this place, myself, but i like it as well. <br />
have you noticed by reading peoples experiences that things just don't change? it seems like high school relationship problems are the same as the issues i have in my 30s. <br />
i'm still a bit shy about sharing, i put something up and deleted it an hour later - seemed too personal : (getting there)