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“Are you trying to monopolize the door?” long-black haired Stan said as he titled his head and cringed his eyebrow. “Move Arsineh!”
“Stan! You’re in my class?” as I looked at him in surprise. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Do I have the duty to tell you everything?”
“Why are you calling me by my name?" annoyed by his response that I squinted my eyes.
“Why do I have to call you sister-in-law at school?” Stan scratched his head. “Crazy!”
“What’s wrong with it being at school?” folding my hands crosswise puttering my lips.
“Stop grumbling and move.” Stan steps forward as if to push me away from the door. Silently, he enters the room and gives me only his back in response.
He dares to call me crazy. I’ll let you see what I’m made of at home. Arsineh flushed as she clenches her wrist with fury. Well! This is terrible. I have to be in the same class as that tiger Stan. I stepped inside the room and took a seat near the window. Stan laid still on his chair 2 seats away from me with his head on the table facing away from me. Hmpph!

After school.
Screeccchhhh. I pushed the brake on my bike and hurriedly went inside my in-laws house. Carrying a steel box with noodles inside, I barged into a room and swung the volume to the maximum. Stan lying down with the earphones connected to the stereo yelped from his bed.
“What are you doing?!” both hands still stuck on his ears indicating pain. “You suddenly barged into someone’s else’s room!”
“What else?” I stood with my hand on the hip. Eying him without guilt, I said “Go deliver this to BOA Chung Room 302.”
“You’re asking me to deliver?” squinting again his eyebrow. “Tell my brother.” Stan fell back again in his bed.
“Don’t you know your brother is in year 3?”
“So what?” looking at the ceiling not a bit interested.
“You don’t get it? You have to help with the deliveries.” Angrily I pointed it out to him.

I can’t take it anymore. I chuckled grabbing my head from falling off. I don’t like it, I thought as I beamed at Arsineh. “Me, a delivery person?”
“You’re only helping us temporarily, why are you complaining?” Arsineh asked as she motioned forward.
“My feet hurts.” Closing my eyes to keep her annoying presence away.
“Your face doesn’t look like you’re hurting or anything.” Placing both her hands in her hips. “Hurry up and deliver, the EP customers are waiting.”
“I told you I don’t want to go, you talk too much!” I screamed that my body arched up as I slammed a closed fist glaring at her.
“Why do you keep screaming at your sister-in-law?!” Arsineh silently moved back.
“Ha! Who cares if you’re my sister to law.” I grumbled out loud to annoy her.
Arsineh, fangs all bared and eyes in fury, grabbed the steel box and started to kill me with her monstrous strength. “Yooo…Always so hard headed!”
“Hey! This time YOU started it!” pointing my hands as I tried convincing her, out of terror of what might this monster do next.
“Don’t regret it and cry!” Arsineh jumped at me pulling my shirt with a dumbbell on one hand. “You’re not going to go?”
“I already said I don’t want to, even if you’re my sister-in-law, you can’t convince me.” I fought back determined not to lose.
“Arsineh! Stan!” father cried out as he quickly moved to stopped us.
“This two are fighting again.” Mother glanced as the two of us started pulling one’s cloth. They haven’t changed one bit.

Huff.Huff. With my fists still in combat mode, I glenched my teeth at Arsineh who is still glaring at me on the floor with bruises just the same as mine. Luckily, this monster is still a girl who gets tired once a while. Justin now got an aid-kit on the floor and assisted Arsineh with her bruise on the knee.
“Ouch.” Arsineh cried silently as Justin applied black ointment around her bruise.
“You have such a cute face but you always get into fights. You injured yourself again, didn’t you?” Justin glanced at the Arsineh staring at her knee.
“You call that cute.” I retorted in disbelief as I tried to lick off the blood from my hands.
“Don’t help him with his injuries!” Arsineh ordered as Justin stood up to approach me.
Justin now confused looked at me then Arsineh. Hmm… I said, “Brother, help me put on the medicine right here.” Pointing the scratch on my cheeks.
“No you can’t!” Arsineh grabbed hold of Justin’s shirt and pulled him back in her arms.
“Whose brother is he?” I smiled evilly.
“Whose fiancé is he?” Arsineh replied.
How old are they to be fighting this way, Justin groaned as his hair was all messed up by Arsineh’s great pull.

I glanced at Arsineh being cuddled by Justin.
“Stan is so mean…” sobbing soft cries in Justin’s side.
“There..there..” Justin patting Arsineh’s head like a child.
I turned my back from the scene. Its you who had turned me into what I am today. When you two were laughing and having fun with each other, I was lonely crying to myself.

Disclaimer: All characters and events in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Parody: Lover Guard by HMR
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What a pretty name your female character has ;) Thanks for taking the time to share this creative story.