My Friends Live In My Computer

I really had no friends.  Not any that I could talk to and lay out my feelings.  I stumbled upon the Experience Project after I lost my Nursing job and as my life has somewhat fallen apart since, I have been able to cope with it a lot better than I had of without the wonderful people I have met through EP.

Not too long ago, I'd have said:  "That's crazy!  How can you be friends with someone you don't know?"  Well, I've had to eat those words.  Because my friends are in my computer and thanks to EP- I have friends.  I can be myself and have not been judged once for it as far as I can tell.  The friends that I have made here are the greatest.  Of course as in any situation, some I am closer to than others.  But that's just one of those things.  Even away from EP.

Thank you EP and to my friends here for being here when I need you!

silvermystics silvermystics
51-55, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2007

I agree - There a lot of lovely people in this world - EP gives us a chance of communicating with them.