I Liked the Format Better Before -

I'm not very fond of the new format in so far as everything being in line to the left.  It's a pain to have to scroll down everytime you want to read your email.  What happened?


PiscesDream PiscesDream
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5 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Everything has gotten straightened out. We all use Firefox as our default browser, so didn't notice the IE issues. Thanks for letting us know!

I'm using I.E. 7.0. The mail column use to be in the centre as well as your circle and your experiences. Now it has changed to the left hand column and at the very bottom. When you want to see them you have to scroll all the way down each and every single time. Where as before it was right there at the top in the middle and you could just read them and reply. Does that make sense? Does that help?

Hi guys,<br />
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We haven't changed anything in the mail layout, and we can't see what it is you're experiencing. What does it look like? Which browser are you using?<br />
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Thanks! We'll get it straightened out

Yeah, I agree with the mail thing.

I am not quite sure which new format you are referring to, can you elaborate?