EP Project Is Great

I find it like a forum of writers sending out their material for feedback. Friends and critics write back and it gives all a chance to learn how others feel and express about things that are familiar to our human condition.  I miss getting to know the face, voice and body language of each individual and I am certain that I must not always get the right inuendo, or what was actually meant by the writer! According to some of the feedback I received, I was not always understood. 

It is great to be able to fit into several circles and have several fit into my circle. This helps me keep track of those I care about.

Thanks for starting this...


Radiant Radiant 56-60, F 4 Responses Aug 8, 2007

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We are you, you are we, we are all the same having a different exsperiences~

NowSure and Paco35,

We have a good idea here. An EP convention could be a great way to find those with whom we connected and get to know them face to face.


You have hit on something here. There are an aweful lot of colorful experiences and very different views.

It is all good.


I agree, I particularly like the founding values EP is based upon. I do sometimes find the range of human experiences daunting and overwhelming.