Love It, Cant Get Enough!

I wish I would've known there was a site like this sooner. I can't explain how helpful ep has been with my life. I think it is the best thing ever invented!

I am not one to ever talk about my problems or feelings. I hate bringing that negative energy out on my friends or family. I think it's because I've been raised around boys that I bottle up my emotions and learn to just suck it up. It's so fascinating when I read other entries that sound so much like the story of my life.

I am sorry lol I am just so in love with the whole concept of ep, its my little outlet from life.

theSweetestSin theSweetestSin
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I was raised the same exact way, & being a boy doesn't help things either, haha. But, I'm glad I found it now, as to sooner. I may not have joined if it wasn't for moving, then I would've missed out on meeting all you awesome people.

I know! Its our little safe haven. Where we can just be open and not be judged. Masks off! Glad you joined too, moving is really difficult. Hope that things are better now!

Very true, & they are. Thanks for asking.

so true......I found EP when I came home from hospital after an operation in January.....I had to stay in bed, so I took my laptop with me and surfed the net for an online forum for some companionship. The rest is history.....